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The Karnage Incident The Karnage Incident

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Ranked no #680WHAT??


*slams table with fist*


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NCH responds:

lol oh comeon, I do have to admit its still not good enough.... maybe cause of the starting cause it was created 2 years ago and got abandon and then taken out recently and continued on...

Future Future

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A work of art!

Yes indeed! This flash is an amazing work of pure artistry. You've done something very impressive here using an incredibly stylish and complex yet fairly simplistic visual aesthetic. This is just so creative!

The effects, camera angles, action, everything was very well choreographed and played out perfectly. I just love what you did with the movie clips to make it seem like parts of it were in 3D, and those city scapes were absolutely brilliant!!

The only things I could suggest here would be: the music, while fitting, was a little repetitive at times. That's not your fault, though.

Also, some of your animations were a little bit soft at times, as in for some parts, especially the movement cycles of the characters when running, lacked "oomph" if you know what I mean. You could have worked to make some of those movements carry more weight so as to look more realistic.

Overall, this is fantastic, despite some very minor animation problems that are associated with tween-heavy flash animations.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Ha-ha-haha-ha ha! (style get!)

There are a few things that really make this animation:

Graphics: considering the visual style you were going for, the graphics were good. However, I'm sure you could have worked on some more complexity within those environments. But really, the graphics look great anyway.

Style: the style was the main selling point for me (next to the humour) from my 1 submission on this site, it may not seem that I simply adore unusual visual styles, but I do. I adore them good, and this has a great visual style

Sound: now THIS was good! The music, though simple, was hilarious and fitted very well with the sitcom-like setting.

Violence: Well that dude in the background got shot, but that's it, and I actually think that low violence is a good way to take this series. It may be about guys in tanks, but that's no excuse for cheap crap, is it? However, It'd be good to see some more actual combat in the next one, if any. Explosions, maybe?

Humour: funny as a fart in a mine shaft. The humour was really crude, but effective nonetheless. The jokes were good, but the whole homosexuality theme got a bit tedious after a while. (but then again, what else do they have to talk about? There probably aren't any tank girls in the area, heh?) Still, some variation to joke topics would have been nice. The Titanic thing was also quite clever.

Some things that need work:

Try to go for more advanced animation techniques. The Tankmen are pretty simple characters, so there's really no need to limit yourself to tweeining. Try to give them some more personality in the animation department, also, you should work on things like camera angles rather than having the story progress on a flat 2D plain. I can imagine many ways in which you could have incorporated more dynamic views into this animation. The animations that you did use flowed very nicely together, but it was really noticable that the characters only had two head positions: straight ahead and looking down. The lip synching was great though.

Anyway, killer effort, but you should try to make your next one a little bit more impressive in the animation department! Great job!

Also, aim to make the episodes a little bit longer.

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JohnnyUtah responds:

thanks for the review. I kept the animation limited so I could have this thing done as quickly as possible. Tweening is smooth and I don't think is offensive if used minimally.

and remember - great animation doesn't necessesarily = entertaining.

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Ninja Golf Ninja Golf

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great idea that would look good with more polish.


Ninja-already a word that excites me, but when coupled with the word [Golf] I can't help getting a tickly feeling in my stomach almost automatically.

I just love the concept for this game! It's so original and it works brilliantly: a sports game that's revolved around side scrolling beatemup combat. Love it.

However, your animations could have been a bit more complex, but this is something to work on for next time. (this is why I gave the style a 3: you need to make those ninjas animate more...ninjaish.)

I think that if you added some more polish, this could be a wonderful game.

Edvin responds:

Thanks for the review =) We didn't wanna change it too much from the original game, we kept it simple. Mind my crappy drawings/animating!

Counting the Sheep Counting the Sheep

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I liked it!

Basic it may be (well..better than I could do at the moment...I'm not good at making games in Flash) but it was still rather entertaining! If there was one thing you could have worked on, that would be adding some more excitement to the game by perhaps having the sheep move around. Also, adding more animations would have been welcome. Perhaps some interesting special effects when you click a sheep or something like that.

But hey, I enjoyed it. Good job.

Tigersan responds:

Yes, the animation for Tigersan Flashes does have to come up a notch ;). The Newgrounds tutorial section should help ;)